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About the Brand

Rapsel has operated in the contemporary furnishing and bathroom sectors since the 1970s offering great-looking and innovative products. Modern technologies – combined with the skilful use of new materials and the relentless search for the perfect balance between function and aesthetics – have led to the development products that are authentic and original, true icons created by internationally renowned designers and emerging talents. In the 1980s, Rapsel became a full-fledged Italian company that spoke the global language of design and architecture. In the 90s, the brand began to work on customised pieces with the contribution of architects and designers, resulting in optimal solutions that could meet a broad range of aesthetic and functional needs. From the 2000s on, Rapsel has been committed to the evolution of modernity, offering cutting edge products.

Research lies at the heart of every Rapsel project. With highly expressive products that fit any lifestyle, the bathroom collection targets consumers with evolved tastes and lifestyles. The company’s distinctive features can be found in all of its bathtubs, showers, washbasins, sanitary modules and accessories. Every product is functional and technically impeccable, a tangible sign of Rapsel’s commitment to the domestic project of the future. The company’s policy is to operate in the area of contemporary design, identifying objects with highly innovative content and great quality of aesthetics and form.

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