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We invite you to experience the allure of minimalistic design and the distinctive appeal of our bespoke brands and products at Casamia.

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Build modern kitchens with functional fittings in a variety of finishes tailored to your unique taste


Kitchen-The love and pride of every homeowner, the heart of the home, deserves every bit of attention when it comes to its interior choices. One creates a lifetime of memories in the kitchen, taking in the aroma of scrumptious home-cooked meals surrounded by loved ones, sharing laughter and anecdotes of the day. Casamia stands as the state-of-the-art kitchen and bath showroom to embody your philosophy of beauty as well as efficacy under one roof with the world leaders of kitchen brands. Stepping into our fully equipped modern kitchen showroom, you would be greeted by answers to all kitchen needs, molded into the perfect amalgamation of aesthetics and functionality- transporting you into a dream world of serene simplicity.


Here are some of the world-renowned brands partnered with the top Modern Kitchen Showroom in UAE:

ARAN CUCINE: Discover a whimsical world of Italian kitchenware that also meets the goal of a sustainable future we all should be looking forward to. Aran Cucine has been offering expert knowledge in Italian kitchen cabinets, distinctive design, and innovative products to consumers and clients across the globe for over 60 years. As the leading Italian Luxury Superbrand and largest Italian cabinet manufacturer, they are 100% involved in the process of designing kitchens from drafting to completion to ensure that your kitchen design is exactly what you’ve dreamed of. The kitchen is the space in your home where you spend the most time and Aran Cucine is passionate about designing a creative and elegant space for you that leaves you wanting more.

Ernestomeda: It all started with the simple yet complex notion of bringing Italian design innovation to the centre stage worldwide through cutting-edge technology, constant research, development and a passion for quality. A brand aware of its mission: to observe, experiment and achieve something unique. Their knack for “tailor-made” products, is reflected in the attention to detail and solutions allowing a high degree of personalization. Ernestomeda believes in crafting designs that truly stand out from the crowd, and that make jaws drop.

CIAO CUCINE: Style, quality and convenience lulled in the lap of leading creative minds of Ciao Cucine. They reimagine everyday kitchens with young, fresh, clean and down-to-earth designs. Ciao Cucine is part of one of the most organized and functional industrial manufacturing structures in the house-furnishing sector. Thanks to the efficiency of the serialized industrial production and the experienced craftsmanship Ciao Cucine is shown

Being one of the premium designer kitchen showrooms in the country we understand that the kitchen plays an intrinsic part in all of our lives and that’s why are here to help you take up the vibe of your kitchen by several notches.