Stone in the interior is not easy to use but definitely an interesting and original material. Stone can be used in both — private and public spaces. The most important thing to bare in mind while working with the stone is to make sure its characteristics are applicable for your situation. Some stones absorb water (not to be used in the bathroom) some are very fragile (so you would not make a table top out of it), others are impossible to polish or cut in pieces.

There are 3 main types of stones (rocks)depending on origin:

1- Sedimentary — Limestone, Sandstone, Travertine

2- Metamorphic — Marble, shale

3- Volcanic — Granite, etc

However the main purpose of this post is mostly to explore the patterns colours and some of the main characteristics in the stones commonly used in interior decoration. In future posts I will explain more in detail about each type of stone . You can also learn more about natural stones in architecture in my previous post!


Travertine is one of those finishes that can be used for countless ways throughout your interiors and looks beautiful regardless of how its used. From bathroom walls and kitchen backsplashes to gracing your outdoor pool deck, you will be surprised how travertine tile can beautify your home. One of the beauties of this gorgeous stone is its varied colours and patterns but one draw back is its ability to scuff and scratch easily. Depending on the surface finish a high polished travertine may resist better than a matte finish. Travertine also can be porous and shouldn’t be used where levels of oil and other liquids can soak into it and stain its beauty.

Travertine Walnut
Travertine Noce

Examples of Travertine in the Interior:


You should be very careful using a very colourful stone especially when it has a lot of texture. The danger is: this stone can overwhelm the space.

Use light monochrome colours in the interior to make the precious stone look in its best light! In this way the stone becomes the centre of attention and that would increase the value of the gem a lot! (On the image below you see how a green granite wall surrounded by creme neutral walls becomes an impressive feature of the room, notice how burgundy armchairs add power to the green granite background)!

Another way to make your granite stand out is to use similar colour furniture. (see image below)This way furniture will not take a lot of attention but empower the beautiful texture of the granite.

Green wall in a neutral room looks very powerful! Other image- similar colour kitchen

Granite colour and texture may vary depending on a Stone Slab. When choosing a slab for the interior is it very important to choose the slab before purchasing so you know exactly the stone you are buying and there will be no surprises in the future! (otherwise stone might not fit your colour scheme or its pattern might disappoint you)

Here are some beautiful granite colours and textures I found in the shop.

Rosso Fiorentino
Crema Bamboo — Light Kitchen furniture make the Granite stand out.
Emerald Green (it has beautiful dark green patches here and there) and Oak bamboo
Golden Persia and Victoria Regina


Onyx is famous for its rich colour scheme. It is very resistant to high temperature and durable for cuts. It can be used for a table top. The pattern very greatly, they can look like clouds, rainbows, sand deserts etc. Onyx is also very good at transmitting light.

Verde Pakistano and Smeraldo and Opal Onyx

Black Petrified Wood

It is a very durable materials, some of the pieces might have a pattern similar to Agate. Petrified Wood has black and brown hues. It looks great in modern interiors. Although because of its limited colour scheme, this material is not that popular for wall decoration.


Semi-precious stone. Despite it is mostly used in jewellery, interior designers love it too because of its pattern. It transmits the light very well and because of its dark edges looks very powerful when lit. Agate is very recognisable. Looks great on table tops of occasional tables!

Wild Agate “Light” and Green Agate

Collection of beautiful stones

Labradorite and Earth Rhyolite
Emerald Fluorite and Rhodonite
Crysoprase and Bloodstone