The recent article by Elle Decoration Russia (July-August 2016) inspired me to write about the use of glass partitions in the interior design.

Glass partitions can divide and decorate both small and big spaces. They can be used in different interior styles from classical to contemporary. Glass partitions are mostly decorative, as they don’t create strong visual barriers, as well as they are not very good sound insulators. However, they add a lot of character, colour and texture. For this article, I have selected some new inspiring ideas.

Glass printing

Glass printing offers great opportunities in modern architecture and design. Vivid images and colours can be printed and laminated directly between two sheets of glass. With this technique, a full-colour reproduction and a variety of opacities, from clear to opaque can be achieved! Not only they physically separate the space but add colour and interesting visual effects.

Concept glass

Glass in metal Frames

Metal frames reflect the style of the space. In this composition by AMR, the first thing that attracts your eyes is the construction of the thin metal accurate lines, which create sense of height. Golden colour makes space look luxurious and special, however, be careful with this option as golden colour can easily overwhelm the space.


Black Metal frames add a lot of urban character because of its resemblance to the windows in the factory buildings. It works well with minimalistic loft interiors. Looks great with white and grey contrasting walls. A good idea will be to add light curtains to the metal frame.

Brutal metal frames on the left bottom are perfect for large gallery-like spaces. Metal sheets are about 120cm height so people seating, have privacy. The partition on the right bottom, created of thin black lines looks elegant and strict, it can be perfect for contemporary and transitional designs.

Large glass sliding panels are perfect for contemporary interiors. Effects of running water are perfect for cafes and restaurants, as well as spa-saloons.

The decision on the left image is one of my favourites! The wide door opening is covered by sliding framed door from floor to ceiling. It will be perfect for flats with high ceiling. Right image shows variety of materials and functions a partition wall might have.

Glass and Mirror Frameless Doors

Glass doors are perfect for small flats, they open up the room and allow the light travel freely. This option is especially good for facing north flats.

What do you think about glass partitions? Do you use them in your practice? Please share your examples of partitions! Put like and share if the article was interesting:)