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We invite you to experience the allure of minimalistic design and the distinctive appeal of our bespoke brands and products at Casamia.

Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE
Store Timings: Mon-Sat 10 AM-8 PM | Sun 10 AM-7 PM
Open 7 Days a Week
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Our History

[mvc_timeline_father][mvc_timeline_son maintitle=”THE INCEPTION” date=”2004″ icon=”fa fa-lightbulb-o” caption_url=””]Casamia, under the principle brand name of Build Arch Building Materials Trading, was founded in 2004, stemming from beginnings in Deira, UAE. The founder, Abdul Kader Mithani grew the brand with vast experience in the industry coupled with strategic relationships across the sector. The business flourished and grew exponentially with the drive to design extraordinary spaces.[/mvc_timeline_son][mvc_timeline_son maintitle=”A NEW IDENTITY” date=”2008″ icon=”fa fa-refresh”]Our offering of high-end brands with a luxurious appeal in line with our passion for design, evolved the Build Arch concept into a more expansive one, Casamia. The inception of the Casamia brand was coupled with a new store opening on Sheikh Zayed Road, cementing its position in the heart of Dubai.[/mvc_timeline_son][mvc_timeline_son maintitle=”A NEW EXPERIENCE” date=”2010″ icon=”fa fa-clock-o”]To cater to key clients, Casamia inaugurated its concept store, hosting the crème de la crème of the industry. Our vision was to provide the client with a private and immersive experience whilst touring the store, brands and products.[/mvc_timeline_son][mvc_timeline_son maintitle=”EVOLVING & GROWING” date=”2015″ icon=”fa fa-arrows-alt”]With two stores under our banner and our unique brand proposition, our team and portfolio expanded in four folds. We pride ourselves in becoming the preferred partner for prestigious projects across the UAE, delving in multiple sectors across hospitality, commercial and private projects amongst others.[/mvc_timeline_son][mvc_timeline_son maintitle=”PAVING THE WAY” date=”2015″ icon=”fa fa-road”]We continuously realized our ambitious drive, growing and expanding at a commendable rate, with a reputed portfolio of clientele across various industries, realizing success even in competitive marketing situations. At this point, our founders set into motion their vision to build an extraordinary concept store with an unparalleled experiential experience to offer in-store through designed exhibits intermixing the best brands, materials and textures, visualized as a heaven for design.[/mvc_timeline_son][mvc_timeline_son maintitle=”THE FLAGSHIP SHOWROOM” date=”2018″ icon=”fa fa-building-o”]Our flagship store was erected with meticulous care and planning to ensure we create an experiential experience for our customers unlike any other, with works spanning over 24 months of relentless effort. A showroom with an expansive space of over 54,000 sqft housing selectively curated brands and products to offer our clientele a growing range of the most sought-after brands under one roof.[/mvc_timeline_son][/mvc_timeline_father]