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We invite you to experience the allure of minimalistic design and the distinctive appeal of our bespoke brands and products at Casamia.

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Explore a collection of tiles that is versatile and limitless. From marble to ceramic, tiles have been the strength and driving product segment.

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Draped in the potential to make or break the aura of your entire home, tiles are the incredible canvas upon which you can paint your kaleidoscopic interior dreams.

Our vision has been to offer a selection of tiles that embody the perfect balance of design, aesthetics and utility, leading us to collaborate with brands that can turn ideas into reality. We understand the aspirations and perspectives of a true artist hence, vowing to bridge the gap between them and avid connoisseurs becomes our mission.


Exclusive Tile Collection From The Leading Tile Distributors In Dubai

Our tile collection is a reflection of that collaborative vision. Our brand partners possess years of experience and move with creative precision. They bring together the aesthetics, and refinement as well as the marvel of engineering superiority to conceive tiles that not only win you over with their admirable designs but also with their versatility, making us the leading Italian tile distributors in Dubai.

Caesar: Elegance in the arms of contemporary art, no other description is more fitting for this Italian giant. Its modern design will appeal to the minimalist and the extravagant alike. When looking for Italian wall tiles for bathroom, very few, if any, will hold a torch to Caesar’s beauty with utility. These porcelain wonders are hypoallergenic, flame resistant and eco-sustainable making caesar ceramic tiles the perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Laminam: Looking for the holy blend of sheen and elegance? Look no further than Laminam porcelain tile. It aims at creating superior designs that will inspire designers, architects and people to carve out a life where they can work live and laugh freely and happily. The brand has committed itself to design and aesthetics. Whether you are looking for Italian Wall Tiles For your Bathroom or Decorative Porcelain Tile for your living room, Laminam Dubai won’t disappoint you

Mutina: Well-known for its grandeur Mutina is a hub of dedicated artisans. It believes that tiles are a design project, where the use of the material becomes an integral part of interior design. Mutina pays close attention to the engineering and utility of a tile where they make use of ceramics by combining technology and handmade, to overcome the limits of the material by seeking the high quality of the product.

However, if you thought that in their obsession to perfect the quality of the product the label has overlooked the aspect of design then you couldn’t be more wrong. If understated and earthy is your vibe, then Mutina will be your one-stop destination for everything tiles. These superior tiles come in a colour palette ranging from white to black, welcoming precious shades of grey, ivory, ecru and a range of natural shades. Take a stroll down our immerse porcelain tiles showroom to fall in love with Mutina, as we did.

Versace: Founded in Milan in 1978 Gianni Versace is considered one of the most talented stylists of the 20th century. In today’s world, Gianni Versace is a synonym for Italian excellence throughout the world. Versace tiles go back to 1997 when the fashion powerhouse worked with Gardenia Orchidea as a partner of choice, sharing both aims and values to create the Versace ceramic tiles collection. The brand screams flare, luxury and extravagance and it is well reflected in its tiles as well. Soft and enveloping shapes and timeless colour combinations are key decorative elements of the collection. We at Casamia are filled with artistic pride to house this legendary collection, come on by if you wish to tile shop Dubai.

14 ORITALIANA: When it comes to breaking boundaries, 14 ORITALIANA is surely the one to be leading the race. It goes beyond industry standards to create something unique and special. It is committed to making designs that appeal to all sensibilities and aesthetic senses, be it minimalist or extravagant. It brings together fashion, design and art to get to a myriad of projects to rewrite the conventional rules of aesthetics. This brand surely doesn’t shy away from innovation and in its laboratory of creativity it cooks up path-breaking designs combining porcelain stoneware and natural materials. If you’re in the area, swing by to gander about the most exclusive tile showrooms nearby.

41ZERO42: Another stalwart that believes in breaking the conventional moulds of design and creating something truly extraordinary and spectacular. The brand doesn’t see tiles as an independent being outside of interior design. Rather it has always seen tiles as one with interior design as a whole. A design doesn’t exist in isolation. Designs exist to convey a story. A story that excites, a story that incites curiosity. The brand identifies itself creative space, which aims for excellence in ceramics which is to be achieved through research and storytelling…through their tiles. And it doesn’t tell its story to one person. It speaks to lovers of muted tones and vibrant shades alike. It speaks to believers of minimalism and grandeur alike. These are just a few brands from an array that we offer. Each brand speaks to its viewers and admirers different, Now it is up to you to decide whose words resonate with you the most. Visit our Dubai tiles showroom and experience this beautiful culmination of aesthetics and engineering, all expressed through the language of tiles