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Illuminating Spaces & Adding Quirk

Illuminating Spaces & Adding Quirk Lighting

Lighting up our coziest nooks and corners, the Karman collection of wall lights is certainly one that warrants just another glance, every time.
Characteristic of uniquely designed concepts and quirky silhouettes, there is a mystery that draws you into Karman.

Illuminating our walls and passages in-store at Casamia are the irresistibly designed Karman lights inspired by owls and rabbits galore. Known as
the Ti Vedo, the lit owl hangs on our passage wall, oozing warm light and fascinating every bystander. This unique piece will look equally prominent either on a bare wall or cluttered with other quirks around it.

"The Karman collection of wall lights is certainly one that warrants just another glance, every time."

There’s more magic the Karman brand has to offer, especially with its peculiar Wow! series. Featuring a two-part lighting ensemble of a magician’s hat and a jumping rabbit, this light is seemingly more than just design magic. The light plays beautifully in the hat, marking the lines and texture of the material just a little more. One would likely stare up at this ensemble and imagine the suspended rabbit leaping to life and
pouncing off.

The Karman brand also has a knack for adding an eccentric flair to your outdoor spaces with the iconically designed Tobia series of lights. The
collection includes a group of everyday garden items that are subtly lit to stand perched against your garden backdrop and throw a dim and
serene like light.

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