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Indulge in the Inkiostro Bianco Goldenwall Collection

They say walls have ears, but we, at Casamia, believe that walls have personalities, an aura about them. You may drape them in texture and prints or keep them bare, but there is always a certain charm to walls. These very structures that envelope your rooms and provide a cosy outlook, speak so much more than just concrete. So why not cover them in something more? 

Explore the world of mesmerizing wallpapers with Inkiostro Bianco – from botanical themes to baroque like artistry, the designs are an ode to modern art and minimalistic allure. Presenting the Goldenwall Collection 2020 by Inkiostro Bianco, themed with a semblance to an Art Deco era, with walls clad in vintage like art and mystical scenes. 

« “The designs are an ode to modern art and minimalistic allure »

The Goldenwall Collection 2020 epitomizes the essence of grandeur, making the wallpapers more “Jewels on Wall” as coined by the brand. Designed in exquisite finishes of gold vinyl and gold leaf, the collection boasts a number of designs with each as mesmerizing as the other. 

As is inherent with any Inkiostro Bianco collection, the Goldenwall Collection 2020 is also designed deriving inspiration from floral scenery, geometric art, landscapes and just pure exploration of ancient art and techniques.